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Program Description
To provide the youth of our community with life skills in fundamental ocean swimming techniques and acquaint them with the hazards of ocean swimming in a courteous, respectful, and positive teaching environment.

Open to youth ages 9-17.  Participants must be of age by August of the Current Year.  All returning and new applicants must pass a basic swim test of 100 yards in order to participate in the program.  Times are as follows:

    Group AA    16 through 17 years:     1:30 minutes or less
    Group A      14 through 15 years:     1:40 minutes or less
    Group B      12 through 13 years:     1:55 minutes or less
    Group C        9 through 11 years:     2:10 minutes or less
Registration Period
The program is limited to the first 120 youths that register after passing the required swim test.  A parent or legal guardian must accompany participant on registration day.  Registrations for returning participants only will be at Sinsheimer Pool (900 Southwood Dr. in SLO).  Registration for both new and returning participants will take place at Sinsheimer Pool.  Registration is taken on a first come first serve basis.

Registration forms, payment and uniform sizing will be completed on site after applicant has successfully passed the swim test.  DUE TO THE MANDATORY SWIM TEST, REGISTRATION WILL BE ACCEPTED ON SITE ONLY AND WILL REQUIRE PAYMENT MADE TO THE CITY OF PISMO BEACH.

Program Content
Participants will learn the basic components of water safety, lifeguarding, surf rescue, ocean swimming, surf riding, care and handling of ocean rescue equipment, CPR, first aid, marine life studies.  Pismo Beach Junior Lifeguards will also have an opportunity to compete in Junior Lifeguard competitions, learn to kayak, take a field trip to the Mustang Water Slides and participate in an overnight campout.  Experienced Pismo Beach Lifeguards will provide instruction. 
Enrollment Fee Includes:
Navy blue board shorts with JG patch, Gold tee-shirt, sweatshirt, beanie surf cap, U.S.L.A. membership and travel bag.  Girls and boys navy blue swimsuits can be purchased separately at GH Sports (541-6019 - 144 Hind, San Luis Obispo)







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